Our previous Volunteers of the Month

Anjali Venu

Anjali 02

My passion for science was ignited at the age of 13 when I participated in the Indian Science Congress seminar (2003). It was celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ aircraft invention, where I won the first prize for best presentation. Winning this gave me the opportunity to get involved in a national debate with scientists from the prestigious Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) where I was one of twelve students screened and selected nationally for this event.

As a child, I was interested in physics. But later I specialised in electronics and instrumentation, where I designed shut down controls for various applications and electronic sensors. I did my post graduate degree in electronic engineering in India completing it by 2012.

I joined BSA Sheffield in May 2017 and since then I have been involved in many events including ‘The Secret Life of Tomatoes’. Additionally, I have provided support for other events, such as The Science of Wellness, Making Sense, the Bonfire event- Illuminate the Gardens and at our volunteer fair.

While I was a lecturer (overseas) in electronics (2012-2014), I am currently freelancing as a maths/science tutor for secondary school students and exploring options to pursue a teaching career.

Working for the BSA was both challenging and rewarding as it gave me an opportunity to develop new skills, experience and knowledge. I felt valued as part of a team spending quality time for the society as an aspiring engineer.