Apeksha Narasaiya

Apeksha Narasaiya volunteered for us for six months and during this time she helped out as a photographer at BSA events. She studied microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacovigilance over six years, but she is currently in Edinburgh, Scotland working for a pharmaceutical company trying to save cancer patients by analysing their reactions to new medicines.

“It is always interesting to know how science is perceived and implemented in different research backgrounds. Given that I was new to the country when I joined the BSA, it gave me an opportunity to connect with science and befriend people of different backgrounds. When research meets fun people, it is always worth the experience.

For me science always meant fun! Be it playing with different chemicals and seeing how they react (I was safe of course) or googling answers for questions like why we blink or how our body produces energy. It was all a gradual learning cycle. My first love with science was when I prepared an erupting volcano using chemicals in Year 6. That’s when I realised that science can be fun too!

My interest in chemistry led to inquisitive questions in biology and I finally landed up learning about the molecular science of medicines and fancy little microbes, such as how they can benefit us as well as spoil our lives. Dreaming about microbes growing and making my experimental/ medicinal analysis a success was a joy only few could understand.

As the photographer, I ensured that all the hard work and enthusiastic volunteering was captured behind the lens. But I also helped with organising administrative tasks, and I shared in the enthusiasm and fun amongst active BSA volunteers.
Everyone thinks being a researcher is boring and geeky! But it all depends on how you experience and enjoy it. Come and join BSA as a volunteer to experience that fun yourself  .”