Apeksha Narasaiya volunteered for us for six months and during this time she helped out as a photographer at BSA events. She studied microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacovigilance over six years, but she is currently in Edinburgh, Scotland working for a pharmaceutical company trying to save cancer patients by analysing their reactions to new medicines.

Apeksha Narasaiya

Svet Tzokov has been a volunteer for almost a year and has helped out at many events (the Science of Wellness, Fun Palaces, Science of Multilingualism, Illuminate the Gardens, Cinescience and our volunteering fairs). His other work includes working on the BSA Sheffield social media team and he is currently involved in the upcoming Sheffield Food Festival 2018 and he is working with others on a Physiology Society grant application. He studied biochemistry and structural biology, and currently runs electron microscopy facility in the University of Sheffield. (more…)

Svet Tzokov